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Have you always dreamed of getting your work published, without having any idea how to go about it? FilmySilmy provides the perfect platform to fulfil that dream. One of the fastest-growing entertainment websites across the globe, FilmySilmy have many writers who religiously contribute their high quality articles to the site. We don’t mean to boast, but getting exposure to those kind of readership numbers would not just kick-start your literary/journalistic aspirations, but would also take your writing career to heights that you always imagined, but never thought possible.

Here are the different ways you can write for us.


You can join our team of contributors by posting your original articles written specifically for this site. All you need to do is register with us and submit your article, and our editorial/publishing team will do the rest.

If you’re concerned about the number of hits your article will receive, you need to stop doing that. Being concerned, that is. We have many different ways of sharing your article with the whole world through a number of media channels, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the high number of hits your writing garners.


You write on your own personal blog, and you want to keep writing there? How about some added publicity and exposure for your blog posts? Your blog is guaranteed to generate considerably greater traffic if we carry your feed on our site. You can submit your blog feed for posting on FilmySilmy by sending details on contact@filmy-silmy.com

Our editorial team will evaluate your blog, and if convinced about its quality, we will send you an acceptance email .You don’t have to worry about any kind of dilution in the ownership of your blog content: all your articles published on our site will contain a disclaimer that clearly states their origin, along with a link to the original blog.


You know you have the talent to be a successful writer, but there’s something missing in your writing. A little refinement and polish? A touch of professionalism? The power to sustain the attention of the reader? FilmySilmy’s comprehensive internship program can help you add all those facets to your writing, and more.

As part of this program, every intern writes a series of articles on the site which are used to monitor his or her progress. We have a system through which there is constant interaction between interns and our experienced editorial team so that the interns receive precise feedback and guidance on how to improve their writing. For more information on how to join our internship program, please send us your resume on contact@filmy-silmy.com